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Fees & Payment

Fees & Payment
Tuition is $595 (checks made out to Triple Threat WITHIN 7 DAYS OF REGISTRATION, if a check is not received within 7 days you will be required to pay by credit card) per session: this includes room, meals, snacks, instruction and camp jersey. There is NO DAY CAMPER rate. You are welcome to pay in full when you register by either check (made out to Triple Threat Lacrosse Camp) or credit card.  
*When registering, a 3.4% processing fee will be applied if paying by credit card. The charge will show up as Blue Sombrero on your credit card.  If you prefer, you may pay by check to avoid this processing fee. Please make all checks out to Triple Threat Lacrosse Camp WITHIN 7 DAYS OF REGISTRATION, and mail the check to Triple Threat Lacrosse, 4111 Orleans Place, Alexandria, VA. If I haven't received your check within 7 days, then you will have to pay by credit card.


Though full payment is preferred, you may also pay just a $195 deposit which needs to be submitted right away (WITHIN 7 DAYS OF REGISTRATION or you will be moved to the waitlist) to hold your spot.  If we haven't received your check within 7 days, then you will have to pay by credit card.  You will not be registered until your check/credit card payment is received. The balance of $400 will be due no later than April 1, 2020.  If I don't receive the final payment by April 5, I will have already contacted you by email to remind you and ask if you have changed your mind.  If I haven't received your payment by April 5, you will be moved to a wait list and deposit forfeited. If I haven't received payment or communication in a 1 week time period, then I will assume you will not be attending and your registration will be canceled and deposit forfeited.

WAITLIST: If you register and are on the Waitlist, you must send a check for either the deposit or full amount to hold your spot ASAP or you will be removed if not received. If you are on the Wait List, we will hold your $195 deposit until you are taken off the wait list, and if you do not get off the wait list, we will destroy the check or send you a refund.

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