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Hello! Camp will be coming up soon. Everything you need to know about camp is on our Website. What to bring, registration time for Week 1 (12-2 pm) and Week 2 (4-6 pm), schedules etc.  Just look to the tab on the left and click!

If you will have a conflict with making the registration time due to playing in a tournament or any reason and will be late, no worries. Email me before camp if you think you might be late and I will make a note so we will be aware. Once you get on the road and get close to camp, call Kathy Jenkins at 703-283-8983, and she will meet you with everything you will need such as dorm info, jersey, day and night teams, schedule etc. and get you settled.

If you have questions about Medical Forms.You already filled out all your daughter's medical information when you registered. She also should have had a physical within the last year. If you filled in “none” for current medications, medical history and any allergies and there are any concerns you would like for us to be aware of, please sign back into your account and click on the icon next to your daughters name that says "Edit Participant Information", scroll down to the medical information part and anything that is important in more detail and then click on update at the bottom.
We will have a certified Athletic Trainer at camp should you require taping, sustain an injury, etc.

All the information that you filled in for registration is everything we need. At the end of the registration form you signed off and accepted a Medical Waiver and Triple Threat Lacrosse Camp Waiver. Nothing else will be required.


If you need Transportation, go to our website and click on the tab at the top that says TRANSPORTATION NEEDED FORM and fill that in and submit. You will need to do that as soon as you have all your flight info or travel info. For this service to be provided, you will need to mail a check to Triple Threat Lacrosse, 312 Charles Alexander Ct., Alexandria, Va. 22301 WITHIN 7 DAYS OF FORM SUBMISSION or transportation cannot be provided. Again we will not be able to provide transportation unless we have a check received ahead of time for this service. Thank you

Please do not email or call about roommate requests especially as it gets close to camp dates. You are able to go on to your own accounts and enter your requests. You can go into your account and go to edit participant information. Enter your request and make sure to click update at the bottom. The only request we can guarantee are if 2 girls request each other. After that, we cannot guarantee anything! Names of roommates will only be given out at checkin. We will already be forming teams, setting up stations, and dorms close to camp dates. We have your requests and we do everything we can to make sure everyone is with or near their friends and teammates or someone they will have something in common. There are very few triples. If there is an odd number then we usually put one girl in a single next to the 2 girls in a dbl and the single can move her mattress into a dbl. There will also be instances where 2 girls requested each other but due to dorm set ups they will each be in a single next to each other but they can move a mattress in with each other. We try to be flexible and make everyone happy.  But the rule is, NO CHANGING DORM ROOM TAGS put up by the staff. NO MOVING MATTRESSES AND LEAVING A GIRL BY HERSELF.  

What to Bring:


 1.  Bedding:  sheets & pillow cases; your own pillow.  Towels.

 2.  Alarm clock for the morning and/or nap time!


 4.  Clothes for 4 days.  Laundry facilities are available.  Bring soap.

 5.  White soled tennis shoes for indoor play; Bathing suit;

 6.  Your stick; one ball with your name on it; gloves if you wear them; cleats (please do not bring new shoes or you'll get blisters!)

 7.  Goalie equipment if you are a goalie.

 8.  MOUTH GUARD.  We charge for extras.

 9. MEDICAL INFORMATION was submitted on the registration form when registered. 

10. Goggles Mandatory

Please leave valuables at home.  We will offer a camp "bank" for your petty cash, airplane tickets, etc. Campers might want some money for the small camp store offering Brine lacrosse sticks at reasonable prices, along with hats, shorts, shirts, balls, snacks and soft drinks. 


The entire camp list is submitted by name, grade and position. Nothing else is on the list such as club team or school etc. Then we literally go right down the list 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 all the way to the end and put the girls on a team.  It is totally random and no one knows who is on what club team or who goes to what school.  Nothing is done with an ulterior motive to put certain groups together or not together etc. So please when your daughter says she is not happy with her group because she isn't with all her friends or is with her team but not the color team she normally plays with that is just how it ended up. Please do not call us and ask to change teams as it is very time consuming and everything works out in the end. Thank you for you consideration.

All parents are welcome to attend the night games and watch. But when the games end, all parents must immediately leave campus. The girls must go to their dorms and stay in there for the night. We can't have the girls wandering around outside of the dorm at night to meet a parent for any reason.  Please work with us to keep your girls safe and accounted for.  Thanks

On the last day there is a tournament with a final. All are welcome to come and watch!

This should be a fun and awesome learning experience for all the girls with a lot of players from around the country and top coaches from fabulous schools!

Do feel free to email me [email protected] with any last minute questions you might have. We are looking forward to seeing you at camp this June!!
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