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Heading 3

2023 Week 2 Night Games
Parents are welcome to attend 

Monday, June 19

6:40-7:25 p.m

7:35-8:20 p.m.

Norway vs USA                              Bowl
Canada vs England                     Cox
Australia vs Wales                      Bryant Field
Japan vs. Scotland                     Big Turf  1         
Ireland vs. Czech Republic     Big Turf  2

Norway vs England                   Bowl
Canada vs. Australia                Cox
USA vs. Wales                              Bryant Field
Japan vs Ireland                         Big Turf 1
Czech Republic vs. Scotland      Big Turf 2

Tuesday, June 20

6:40-7:25 p.m

7:35-8:20 p.m

Australia vs. England                Bowl
Wales vs. Norway                      Cox
Canada vs USA                           Bryant Field
Scotland vs Ireland                   Big Turf 1
Czech Republic vs Japan      Big Turf 2

Australia vs Norway               Bowl
Canada vs. Wales                   Cox
England vs USA                        Bryant Field  
Japan  vs Ireland                          Big Turf 1
Czech Republic vs Scotland   Big Turf 2

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